Financial literacy trainings for our customers and non-customers

For 25 years, FINCA has been sharing its knowledge with the people in Armenian communities. Every year, FINCA branches hold meetings and courses about money matters, what people need, and sharing experiences. These events are meant to help small businesses and individuals at all stages of what they’re doing. FINCA’s meetings are not just about business; they’re also about being socially responsible. During October and November, these meetings happened in Armavir, Etchmiadzin, Gyumri Artik, Vedi, Vanadzor, and Stepanavan with a total of 130 participants. They were for people who use FINCA’s services and anyone else interested in the community. People who joined these sessions also got certificates for using a special kind of loan. The main goal of starting and continuing these special meetings is to give more value to the people living in the community.