Meeting-discussion with children about financial literacy

FINCA cares about teaching people, both grown-ups and kids, how to handle money better. This time, we had a special event just for kids.

At the event, we played fun games and had chats to help kids understand money in a cool way. We think it’s super important to start learning about money when you’re young. We appreciate the kids for being so keen to learn and making the event lively.

FINCA knows that kids are the future, and teaching them about money early on is important. By making financial education fun, we hope to help kids grow up to be smart with money. Our goal is not just to help individuals but also to build strong communities where everyone knows how to manage money well.

In short, we had a special event for kids to learn about money, and we’re grateful for their energy and enthusiasm. FINCA believes in starting financial education early to create a bright future where everyone is good with money.