The Launch of a our new symbol Rolly

FINCA Armenia launched the start of its 25th anniversary celebration and, on December 16th as the kick off the 25th anniversary FINCA Armenia introduced a new image, Roll under the FINCA brand.

Rolly is meant to instill stability, trust, and care among customers.

Despite the influence of external factors, Rolly loses its stability, and oscillates here and there, but eventually restores its stable position. Many people find themselves in this unstable situation, facing various financial problems at different stages of life, losing their stability, and finding themselves in a desperate situation. Based on all this, the most important function of FINCA is to reach out to its customers, support them, and restore their stability.

Adhering to its values, including stability, a customer-oriented approach, trust, and reliability, FINCA provides accessible and transparent financial services, becoming a trusted and reliable partner for its clients in overcoming financial problems and ensuring stability, a goal now supported by Rolly.

On December 16, the official launch of the Rolly symbol took place, and throughout the entire 2024 strategy, Rolly will be the company’s companion in all visuals under the FINCA brand. People in various fluctuating life situations lose their financial stability, and FINCA stands by its clients in such situations, supports, and brings stability.

The visibility of FINCA Armenia increased this month through broadcasts on TV channels and newsletters․

Publications can be found at these links: banks.amaravot.am, news.am, Yerevan yerevanciner, Armenia TVArarat TV, Arma TV