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  • Loan Maximums: Take control of your farm’s future with loan amounts reaching up to AMD 1,500,000 to develop and grow your operation.

  • Speed and Simplicity: Minimum document requirement.

  • Transparency and Simple Lending: Begin repaying interest only after a successful harvest season, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Accessibility: We’re committed to serving every Armenian village and community with our extensive network of over 30 FINCA branches and partner stores in all regions.

  • Trustworthy Financing: No no hidden costs, monthly service fees, or disbursement fees.

  • Interest free loan: Enjoy a 0% annual interest rate for the first six months, followed by a competitive 9% for months seven through twelve.

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* The following calculation is informative and may change slightly.

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Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process.

About the Loan

Main terms and conditions
Loan currencyAMD
Loan amount75,001 – 1,500,000
Loan maturity6–12 months
Loan annual interest rate10% or 9%
(For the first 6 months – 0%, starting from the 7th month up to 12 months – 9%)
Loan annual percentage rate18.0% – 21.9%
Loan service fee [monthly]20%
Loan disbursement fee [one off]23.5%
Loan disbursement methodNon cash (is transferred to FINCA partner organization)
Loan purposeAcquirement of agricultural products and/or services from FINCA partner organizations3. See the list of partners here.
Customer requirements
  • Sole entrepreneurs and individuals registered in RA and engaged in agriculture.
  • Age: 21+; the sum of the client’s age at the time of applying and the expected loan period should not exceed 70 years.
  • Residence and at least 3 months of continuous agricultural activity within FINCA’s service area.
  • Compliance with FINCA’s social and environmental requirements.
  • Borrowers should act on their behalf and for their benefit; taking a loan on behalf of a third person is prohibited.
Minimum requirements4 for loan security

Guarantee of spouse4

Loan repayment
  • The loan is repaid in equal monthly repayments consisting of the principal, interest and service fee.
  • Up to 10 months of grace period5 is available. In this case, at least two principal repayments must be made during the loan period.
Other terms and conditions

Other terms and conditions

Not applicable.

Parallel loans

Up to 5 parallel Berri loans

  1. The loan interest is calculated with respect to the outstanding amount, based on the annual interest rate. Whereas, the annual percentage rate (APR) shows the cost of the loan if the interest and all other required fees are duly paid according to the repayment schedule. The APR calculation is described in the Annual Percentage Rate section of this page.
  2. Calculated with respect to the principal.
  3. The list of affiliated organizations with FINCA within the Berri loan is available here and in FINCA branches.
  4. If it is impossible to have a spouse as a guarantor, the guarantee of another family member or (in exceptional cases) an external (when the guarantor is not a family member) guarantor is allowed.
  5. Grace period — a period, during which no principal repayments are made.
Required Documents (To Be Submitted In Person)


  • ID cards of the borrower and the guarantors or their passports and social security cards
  • If the borrower is a sole entrepreneur, a certificate of State Registration is also required
  • In case of being married – the marriage certificate
  • Other documents upon request
Factors Influencing The Loan Decision

Positive factors

  • Sufficient level of creditworthiness
  • Good credit history
  • Loan security

Negative factors

  • Insufficient level of creditworthiness
  • Bad credit history
  • Non compliance with the set customer requirements
  • Other credit risks

Loan application decision

Up to 3 business days

Provision of a written or verbal notification on the decision

Up to 2 business days

Loan disbursement

Up to 7 business days after the submission of the application

Other Notes
  • The borrower can apply for the loan in all FINCA branches.
  • Before signing the contract you will receive an individual sheet which will show your individual loan terms.
Early Repayment
  • The borrower can repay the loan earlier than stipulated by the payment schedule without incurring penalties. Upon early repayment, together with the reduction of the principal, the borrower’s total credit expenses (interest, other fees) are reduced proportionally, except for the cases when the payer submits a different written order. Penalties and other fees incurred as a result of failure to properly fulfill obligations stipulated by the RA legislation and the loan contract, as well as the fees defined by the Article 15 of the RA Law on Consumer Credit are not reduced. Upon full early repayment of the loan, the borrower pays the service fees and other charges, interest and principal amounts calculated as of the payment date.
  • Payments for future months can be made in advance by submitting a written order. Repayments for each upcoming month are made in the following order: 1) service fees and other charges, 2) interest, 3) principal.
Warnings And Penalties
  • In case the borrower breaches the contractual obligations, FINCA may change the interest rate of the loan following the order provided by the contract and the terms constituting an integral part of the contract.
  • In case of failure to fulfill the contractual obligations according to the payment schedule, the borrower is obligated to pay a PENALTY for each overdue day in the amount of: 1) 0.13% of the overdue principal, 2) 0.13% of the overdue interest.
  • If the borrower fails to repay the principal on time, application of the contractual interest rate towards the overdue amount is terminated and a 24% annual interest rate is applied from the day of breaching the schedule till the loan repayment date. If the amount paid is not sufficient to cover all overdue obligations, the creditor’s expenses incurred in efforts to receive the due payments from the borrower are paid first, followed by the service fees, penalties, interest and principal. This order may change per the creditor’s decision based on the borrower’s written request.
  • In case of failing to fulfill your loan obligations, this information is sent to the credit bureau where your credit history is formed. Bad credit history can prevent you from receiving a new loan in the future.
  • In case of not fulfilling your loan obligations on time, your property may be confiscated in accordance with the law.
  • If the collateral is insufficient to cover loan obligations when repaying them at the expense of the collateral, payments are made at the expense of your other property.

The annual percentage rate calculation is based on the following formula:

A – the initial loan amount
n – the sequence number of the installment for loan repayment
N – the sequence number of the last installment for loan repayment
Kn – the amount of the nth installment for loan repayment
Dn – the number of days between the loan disbursement date and the date of the nth installment for loan repayment
i – the annual percentage rate

Calculation Example

Loan amount

AMD 1,00,000

Loan maturity

9 months

Loan annual interest rate


Loan service fee


Loan disbursement fee


Loan repayment

3 months of equal monthly repayments
6 months of grace period

Loan disbursement day

14 December 2020

Loan first repayment date

14 January 2020

Loan annual percentage rate


  • In the cases and according to the order provided by the contract and the terms constituting an integral part of the contract, FINCA has a right to unilaterally change the interest rate of the loan by up to +5 percentage points but not more than twice the bank reference rate set by the Central Bank of Armenia. The borrower should be notified about the change 7 business days prior to its entry into force.
  • Loan statements provided on the spot; other information is provided within 10 business days upon request. Provision of statements and other information is free of charge.
  • You can communicate with FINCA by using the channel of your preference: either postal services or electronic communication. It is more convenient to obtain information electronically as it is free of the risk of losing information on paper.
  • To compare the loan types offered to individuals and to choose the most suitable option, you can visit the electronic platform Your Financial Directory at
  • When pledging property as collateral for a loan, a need to use third party services arises. The prices of those services and the respective service providers are presented below:
ServiceState Agency Or Cooperating Organization Providing The ServicesService Fee

Ratification of the pledge agreement

Notary Offices of the RA

AMD 3,000 – 20,000

Registration of pledge rights with respect to real estate

Cadastre Committee of the RA

AMD 3,000 – 30,000

Provision of a unified certificate on the real estate unit

Cadastre Committee of the RA

AMD 500 – 10 000

Registration of pledge rights with respect to agricultural machinery

The Ministry of Justice of the RA

AMD 2,000

Registration of pledge rights with respect to vehicles

Records and Examinations Divisions of the Road Police Service of the RA Police

AMD 2,000

Provision of a certificate on limitations with respect to vehicle alienation

Records and Examinations Divisions of the Road Police Service of the RA Police

AMD 3,000

Bank transfer (transfer of service fees)

RA banks

AMD 300 per transfer

Independent appraisal of real estate pledged as collateral

Cost Consult LLC
Oliver Group LLC
A.G. Borsa LLC
Gardi LLC
Finlaw LLC

Depending on the type and size of the property, minimum AMD 5,000




“Agrobest” LLC

Noragavit 1st str. 1/4, Yerevan

“Hrashq aygi” LLC

Arshakunyats 214, Yerevan

“Odjakh” LLC

Arshakunyats 9, Yerevan





Proshyan, Chaush 1/55




“Mets Partez”

Artashat, 23 str 70a,Nor Kharberd 29 str. 2


Artashat, Baghramyan 63

Andranik Simonyan PE

Vedi, Araratyan 41/11

Garik Meliqsetyan PE

1/1 1st str Getapnya village

Noyemzar Hayrapetyan PE

32/1 Artashatyan, Dimitrov vill

“Khor Virap” LLC

18 M. Harutyunyan, Poqr Vedi village,

Samvel Terteryan PE

Arabo 22/1, Poqr Vedi village,




“Agrobest” LLC

Yerevanyan 2/3 , Geghanist 11 str, Armavir ք.

Artavazd Ivanyan Kareni PE

Yerevanyan 4/15, Armavir

“Hydroponic green” LLC

Araratyan 33, Vagharshapat

Patvakan Mazmanyan PE

Yerevanyan 39, Myasnikyan

“Sapsan Trade” LLC

Norapat, 9 str. 3

“Agrimatco-Armenia” LLC

Norapart 5 str 1/3

Karen Saribekyan PE

Norapart, 5 str. 1/15

“Agroline” LLC


Aslanyan Mushegh PE

c. Voskehat, 1 str. 2

Khachaturyan Yesayi PE

c. Artimed, Aksel Bakunts 45

Atoyan Meline PE

c. Artimed, Charents 35

Abgaryan Sargis PE

c. Ahavnatun, R. Avagyan 21

“Max Shin” LLC

c. Ptghunk, Yerevan-Echmiadzin str. 12




Arsen Gasparyan Hamleti PE

c. Sevan, Griboyedov 3/20

Vrezh Baghdasaryan PE

c. Khachaghbyur, 4 str.




P.S. Garik Ghazaryan Yurik

c. Spitak, Ter-Simonyan 22

P.S. Arman Mikayelyan Henrik

c. Spitak, Alek Manukyan 7b

P.S. Ruben Harutyunyan Shvernik

c. Spitak, Suren Avetisyan str.

P.S. Rubik Boyakhchyan Gagik

c. Spitak Panragordzner 4

P.S. Albert Palyan Smbat

c. Mets Parni (next to the gas station)

“Eurotrade” LLC

c. Stepanavan, Kamo 62

P.S. Gevorg Asryan Albert

c. Tumanyan, Stepanavan 29

P.S Davit Torosyan

c. Vanadzor, Lazyan 43d

P.S. Anna Martirsyan

c. Vanadzor, Tumanyan 16

P.S. Tatevik Malumyan

c. Vanadzor, Moskovyan 23a

P.S. Gor Saghumyan

c. Vanadzor, Baghramyan 110a

P.S. Garik Meliksetyan

c. Shnogh, 3 str. 29

“Apar-Ars” LLC

c. Odzun, 5 str. 44/1 (Alaverdi-Stepanavan highway)

“Manes Shin” LLC

c. Alaverdi, Tumanyan 6:

“Chinvan” LLC

c. Vanadzor, Shirak st. 21




P.S. Nelson Stepanyan

c. Abovyan, Ed. Petrosyan 1/27/2


c. Abovyan, Ed. Petrosyan 1/29/10

Arshakyan Garnik P.S.

c. Garni, Mamikonyan 1




P.S. Davit Igityan

c. Artik, 32/1 of Independence

P.S. Davit Torosyan Seriodha

c. Gyumri, Teryan 77/11

“Agrimatco-Armenia” LLC

c. Gyumri, Yerevanyan str. 101/1

P.S. Tigran Zakaryan

c. Gyumri, Avtokayan 15




P.S. Armen Sujoyan

c. Goris, Artsakhyan str. 7/2.3

Current terms are effective as of February 21, 2022, based on FINCA UCO CJSC Management Board resolution 16/2022, 11.02.2022.

Customer Success

“This type of loan is a true blessing for me. Whenever I require agricultural machinery and fertilizer, I can effortlessly obtain them from a nearby store, and the best part is the quick process with minimal paperwork.” – Valerik

Frequently Asked Questions

The required documents include a Passport, Proof document of employment and/or other income

Yes, you can. It is enough to be an individual entrepreneur or an individual engaged in agriculture registered in RA

The total process can take a 3 business day

Yes, you can pay off your loan early without penalty

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