Building a better tomorrow for our customers and our communities

Our primary focus is providing access to responsible finance and education for low-income individuals and entrepreneurs. We also are committed to a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that build community resilience and help local economies thrive.

Expanding access to financial services

We work tirelessly to expand access to responsible financial services, especially for women, agribusinesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Targeted financial and skill trainings complement our product offerings, helping our customers reach their financial goals. As our customers succeed, their businesses grow, creating new jobs and fostering economic growth across Armenia.

Generating lasting community impact

Our initiatives transcend the traditional role of a financial institution, addressing key CSR pillars: social equity and inclusion, community partnerships, transparency and accountability, climate action, and innovation for social Impact. These components are interconnected and vital for a sustainable and socially responsible business model. By empowering women, fostering community well-being, ensuring quality education, and supporting professional development, we aim to create a lasting positive impact by embracing the transformative power of responsible finance for economic growth.

Our projects and initiatives are built around
  • Social Equity and Inclusion – we actively work to create an environment where diversity is valued, and everyone has equal opportunities. Through inclusive policies, fair practices, and diversity initiatives, we strive to build a workplace and community that respects and celebrates individual differences.

  • Community Partnerships – our commitment to community partnerships is rooted in the belief that collaboration is key to sustainable development. By engaging with local communities, understanding their unique needs, and fostering strong relationships, we aim to co-create solutions that have a meaningful and lasting impact on community well-being.

  • Transparency and Accountability – transparency and accountability are at the core of our values. We uphold the highest standards of transparency in our operations and decision-making processes. By being accountable for our actions and communicating openly with stakeholders, we build trust and ensure responsible and ethical business practices.

  • Climate Action – climate action is integral to our responsible business practices. Acknowledging the urgency of addressing climate change, we are dedicated to proactive measures that go beyond environmental stewardship. Our commitment involves not only minimizing our ecological footprint but also advocating for systemic changes.
  • Innovation for Social Impact – embracing innovation for social impact, we seek creative solutions to address societal challenges. By leveraging technology and forward-thinking approaches, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond traditional boundaries, seeking transformative solutions for lasting social change.

Our recent projects

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    On November 28, an event organized by the Leadership School took place, during which FINCA Armenia CEO Steven Hass, served as a speaker. During the meeting, Steven Hass addressed the audience, discussing the significance of effective leadership, teamwork, and various management methods and techniques with a focus on their peculiarities.

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    On the annual celebration of Book Giving Day, FINCA wanted to make a positive impact in communities and joined hands with its enthusiastic employees to bring the joy of reading to the students of primary school No. 2 in Tallinn. The initiative aimed not only to promote literacy but also to foster a love for learning among young minds.

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    Supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs and producers is one of the most important priorities of FINCA Armenia, which the organization aims to implement every year specifically for women.

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    International Money Week as part of the Global Money Week program, we organized meetings in secondary schools of the Abovyan and Darbnik communities with the participation of more than 100 students.

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    In our ongoing commitment to community development, FINCA Armenia recently focused its efforts on the Aygevan village school in the Armavir region. Recognizing the vital role education plays in fostering growth, we established a fully equipped computer room, aligning with our mission to support community advancement.

  • CSR 08-02-2024

    FINCA Armenia is always by its client side. We recently organized the final harvest of this autumn to assist Artur Sargsyan, a FINCA Armenia client, in timely collecting his pomegranate crop.